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Mother & Daughter

How it all came together!

   Back in 2011 while I (Kayla) was in high school, my Mom (Sandy) made one single batch as Christmas gifts for the family. Well, after everyone started trying it, they came back with nothing but positive feedback!
   My Mom would make it every so often and just give it to the family and restock our own supply. Soon began 'Sandra Jean's Goat Milk Soap' where she sold it to family and friends and the friends of friends!
   While I was in college studying for Graphic Design my Mom asked me if I wanted to help her design the labels and maybe a brochure. So, little by little I began getting more involved, so I obviously wanted her to change the name so it would fit the both of us! And that's when Goode Girls began!
   She taught me the process of soap making and helped me learn why goat milk is so amazing for the skin. Knowing the benefits made me love making the soap even more!
   Together, we started going to craft shows around the county and eventually started wholesaling to local stores. (See where in the 'SHOP' link above.)
   Years later and Goode Girls has finally began selling online! A step in the right direction!
   We LOVE feedback - so please let us know what you think in the 'CONTACT' form!      THANKS for stopping by!!
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